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7 Lessons Learned In Building To $1M In Business Revenue

Episode Summary

Meredith is talking about 7 key lessons learned in building a business to making $1 million in revenue in 2022!

Episode Notes

Meredith reflects on 7 major lessons in building a business to $1M in revenue. As a whole team, we’re dedicated to staying humble and remaining wildly committed to our members. (Psst: that’s never going to change). 


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00:00 Intro

01:00 Meredith’s Life Mission 

02:38 Lesson #1: Solve One Big Chunky Problem

04:17 Lesson #2: Fail Fast & Fail Forward

07:00 Lesson #3: Date Before Marriage

08:38 Lesson #4: Your Customer Holds The Puzzle Pieces

10:50 Lesson #5: Scale With Systems 

13:09 Lesson #6: Growth Is On The Other Side Of Hard

14:50 Lesson #7: Put A Wig On It

17:49 Recap