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Co-founder Meredith Noble Lived Through a Gas Leak Explosion. Here’s The Story.

Episode Summary

Meredith Noble, co-founder of Learn Grant Writing, shares her story of living through a gas leak explosion in a tiny house. 🤯 Yep, you read that right. She also talks about what this place means to her and how it helped shape the company we see today. If there’s anything that causes a person to take stock of their life and work, it’s a life-threatening event. Listen in to hear how this gas leak explosion is prompting her to re-evaluate the pace at which she’s been going.

Episode Notes

Meredith Noble, co-founder of Learn Grant Writing, shares what happened when she was in a tiny house that had a gas leak explosion. In this podcast episode, Meredith covers:

🔸 Background on why she moved to Valdez, Alaska to build a company.  🏔️

An Alaska woman at heart, Meredith was able to feed her soul while doubling down to create a successful company. 


🔸 Quick history on the last two years at Learn Grant Writing.

Learn Grant Writing has evolved greatly in the past two years and the team is deeply proud of where the company is at today. 🧡


Want to learn more about the Grant Writing Unicorn Collective?  🦄  Check out our website here:


🔸 A walk through of the house that exploded.

If you’d like to see the walk through, watch this YouTube video.


🔸 How she's doing physically and mentally.

With many thanks to Ressel Yu’s Body Code Experience offering, Meredith is recovering well (as well as one can!) from the explosion. 


🔸 What she has learned thus far.

The explosion served as a visceral illustration of what it looks like to work (or do anything) at an unsustainable pace. Meredith has been reflecting on what it looks like to change the way the Learn Grant Writing team approaches work. 


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00:00 Intro Meredith Noble Shares What it Was Like to Live Through a Gas Leak Explosion

00:43 Background on Why Valdez, Alaska

03:35 Alex Joins the Team 

04:35 Going Through a Break Up

09:55 Beginning of the Gas Leak Story Specifically 

12:00 So Much Snow!

12:45 Going Into the House That Exploded

18:44 Is Meredith Okay?

26:21 Ressel Yu Body Code experience

30:30 Closing Reflection