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Five Major Lessons Sparked From Alex's Month Long Mini-Sabbatical

Episode Summary

In the beginning of August, Alex & her husband packed up their vintage 1970 restored camper with their dogs and headed down the Alaska-Canada highway to the lower 48. 🥾 🏔️ Long story short for why they moved: they wanted to be closer to family + friends. 😊 Alex took the whole month off and created a mini-sabbatical. 🕊️ She walked away with five main lessons learned while on this adventure!

Episode Notes

Alex’s mini-sabbatical was amazing, and it turns out, much needed. In this podcast episode, she talks about her top 5 takeaways. 


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🔸  The Burnout Was Bigger Than She Realized

🔸  Learning, Learning, Learning

🔸  Building Emotional Resiliency Is Hard-Won + Worth It 

🔸  Confronting Fears & Seeing Them For What They Really Are 

🔸  Life Can Be Simple If We Make It Simple


Moving forward, her biggest goal is to bring that same peace and joy into daily life, including the workplace.  In closing, Alex offers five simple questions to ask to help bring a small dose of sabbatical into her daily life. Give them a try!


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Resources and links:

🔸  Tara Stoinski, primatologist and President, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund:

🔸  Emmanuel Acho and Brene Brown:

🔸  Timber Wars:

🔸  “Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood” by Trevor Noah:


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00:00 Intro

01:28 Lesson #1: The Burnout Was Bigger Than Alex Realized

04:40 Lesson #2: Learning, Learning, Learning

11:43 Lesson #3: Building Emotional Resilience Is Hard-Won + Worth It 

14:33 Lesson #4: Confronting Fears & Seeing Them For What They Really Are 

18:28 Lesson #5: Life Can Be Simple If We Make It Simple

20:38 Bringing This Same Peace and Joy Into The Workplace 

21:40 Five Questions Alex Is Asking Herself 

27:30 Connect On Instagram