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2022 Recap: Keeping It Real With Meredith

Episode Summary

2022 was a doozy! Meredith had a reality TV show-like year in 2022: surviving a gas leak explosion, a major breakup, meeting a new guy, getting married(!), making $1M in revenue, and more.

Episode Notes

Meredith shares how 2022 went for her, including some business details and a lot of personal details. TMI? Maybe. But, we like to keep it real around here. 

We’re sure you had a big year too. Let us know. How was your year? Did 2022 end differently than it started for you?

Resources and links:

🔸 Podcast episode: Co-founder Meredith Noble Lived Through a Gas Leak Explosion. Here’s The Story. 

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00:00 Intro

01:20 This Time Last Year

03:30 Gas Leak Explosion

07:40 Bootmaker Building

09:18 A Call From Attorney General Of The EPA Office

12:44 National Unicorn Day

16:00 Pregnancy Test

18:58 Trigger Warning Re: Fertility

20:00 June Annual Retreat

24:50 Getting Married

26:20 Meeting Unicorns In Real Life

31:00 The “New” New Year